All About Kraze Cases

With 2020 came time - and lots of it! 2020 also brought us Kraze Cases, a small business of personalized phone cases founded by one of my dear friends. In the midst of the pandemic, Mouna Zarghami demonstrated true innovation by creating a company that would allow us to feel empowered through the cases on our phones.

I was honored to interview Mouna and dive deeper into her small business. She is a true example of how time and innovation can lead you anywhere!

Kraze Cases

Tell us a bit about you & how you got the idea for your business?

Mouna: My name is Mouna Zarghami and I am the creator and Founder of Kraze Cases. I am a senior at Michigan State University who has a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship. I’ve always been obsessed with phone case designs! I was the person that would be willing to spend $60 for a phone case that was unique. During quarantine, I was scrolling through Tik Toks and realized that I could be utilizing my time creating something that excited me and is an investment for my future.

What was your mission at the outset?

Mouna: My mission at the start of this was to provide valuable, durable, and cute cases for consumers. I really wanted to emphasize on the price point, and the whole Kraze community that comes with purchasing the cases. I started my business back in November of 2020, although I began my preparation for Kraze around August of 2020.

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