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All About Kraze Cases

With 2020 came time - and lots of it! 2020 also brought us Kraze Cases, a small business of personalized phone cases founded by one of my dear friends. In the midst of the pandemic, Mouna Zarghami demonstrated true innovation by creating a company that would allow us to feel empowered through the cases on our phones.

I was honored to interview Mouna and dive deeper into her small business. She is a true example of how time and innovation can lead you anywhere!

Tell us a bit about you & how you got the idea for your business?

Mouna: My name is Mouna Zarghami and I am the creator and Founder of Kraze Cases. I am a senior at Michigan State University who has a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship. I’ve always been obsessed with phone case designs! I was the person that would be willing to spend $60 for a phone case that was unique. During quarantine, I was scrolling through Tik Toks and realized that I could be utilizing my time creating something that excited me and is an investment for my future.

What was your mission at the outset?

Mouna: My mission at the start of this was to provide valuable, durable, and cute cases for consumers. I really wanted to emphasize on the price point, and the whole Kraze community that comes with purchasing the cases. I started my business back in November of 2020, although I began my preparation for Kraze around August of 2020.

What products do you offer?

Mouna: At Kraze, we currently offer custom designed iPhone cases. However, we are transitioning into products such as cases you can fully customize yourself, airpod cases, and other electronic accessories. I think there isn’t one thing I could attribute my success to, we’re still a work in progress, but Kraze has come so far because of all the support from friends, family, professors, and our customers.

What is unique about your business?

Mouna: I truly believe Kraze is unique by providing a space for people to feel empowered and inspired to feel good about themselves. We want our customers to show off their cases and feel good about it.

What’s your company’s goals?

Mouna: Our company’s goals are to provide the best service for our customers possible, we really want to create a unique and inspiring environment. We are currently in the works for an influencer based program, since we had many people reach out, we want to provide incentives as well as receive what we can.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Mouna: One piece of advice I would give to anyone starting their own business is to just start. Get planning, get to researching, and just start. You can learn as much information, but until you actually launch, you won’t be learning. It is all a learning curve and process that is 100% worth it.

Shop Kraze cases for a case of your own! Use code "IZZY" for 10% off your next purchase.

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