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You're a Qatch!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

This may sound crazy - I’m a terrible shopper! By terrible, I mean I am either aimlessly looking through stores or spending way too much time debating on whether or not I should add the pink or black top to my online cart. About six months ago I discovered Qatch - and let me tell you I’ve been hooked ever since. As a current ambassador I may be a little biased, but I can honestly say Qatch has made shopping way easier and personalized to me! Let me share a bit about what Qatch is and how you (yes, you) can gain quick (and FREE I may add) access to a personal stylist.


Qatch is a text-based shopping platform that uses consumer interactions to eliminate the fatigue of online shopping. Once you sign up, you are given a personal stylist that sends you clothing recommendations via texts based on your personal style. Similar to the like/dislike interaction of Pandora, users can react to their recommendations to receive more personalized options and discover new brands. It is up to you to choose what items you want to purchase, if any, and new recommendations come to you each week!

Qatch was founded by two sisters who wanted a fun, easy way to shop online. The brands in Qatch’s portfolio include companies that are minority owned, sustainable, have extended sizing, and are female owned.


1. Take this style quiz & get matched with your own personal Qatch stylist

2. Receive recommendations & react with each one with a heart, thumbs up, or thumbs down

3. Click a product to shop!

That's it! Other cool things: text back your stylists when you’re looking for something specific & receive alerts when products you love have gone on sale!


This link will take you to a style quiz so Qatch can find the best fit stylist for you. Enter code IZZY to bypass information and to support my love for Qatch. No obligations, no fee’s, no nothing, which is one of the many reasons I chose to support this company. Leave a comment below with reason you love Qatch, and happy shopping!

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