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5 Ways To Stay Busy At Home

I’ll admit it – I have spent my life playing four words on repeat: I. Don’t. Have. Time. Is this why the dishes aren’t put away? Absolutely. Is this why my room is a disaster? Of course. And why I spent hours learning a Tik Tok dance for about 7 people to see? Possibly.

2020, despite literally everything else, has given us one precious gift that is easily taken for granted – time. The ONE thing I ask for more of and use as my excuse way too often. Time!

If you’re anything like me, I thrive on the hustle. I strive to fill the time I have with learning, projects, and in the company of those I love. Quarantine has stripped us of routine, organization, and even motivation.

About two weeks into quarantine back in April, I took a step back to reflect on the gift the world has given us. I am a big advocate of reflection and redirection. In the somewhat depressed state of our reality today, take the time you have been given to do something for yourself. This is the BEST TIME, and maybe the only extra time, you may have in your busy life.

Again, this is the BEST TIME to better yourself. I promise you, I pinky promise, when you start living life for yourself rather than for your job, for the mirror, or for someone else, the rest will follow. When you start living life for yourself, time will come to you.

With that said, here are five ways I have instilled hustle back into my daily routine. Now that we all have a little extra time, use these 5 ways to stay busy at home and start working on you, girl!


First of all, I’m ecstatic you’ve made it this far – because you’re looking at mine. I am all about making a difference. Life has given you the opportunity to do so! What idea or dream has been lying on your heart? What have you always wanted to pursue? I’m excited for you!! Because now is the time! Take the extra hour you have at night, or your work-from-home lunch break, to do something for yourself. Maybe you’re an aspiring artist or someone who’s always wanted to start up a small business. Or maybe you want to read more to better yourself – like you’re doing right now! Dig into that passion project you “never had time” do work on before. This is me telling you – you have time, and you can do it!

Here are some examples:


Hear me out – did you ever think you would be Zoom calling your doctor, or heck, your grandparents who can’t even figure out how to text? Times are crazy people and everyone is desperate to find a better way. Through the hardships of losing a job, an internship, a career, I want to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel. As I said before, and will say over and over again, take this time to live for yourself. Do you know a way to solve a small problem within a company or organization? Do you know ways to make an impact during the Black Lives Matter movement? DO IT! By default, your impact will help your future. By using your motivation, creativity, knowledge, and voice, you will further yourself.

Here are some examples: