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55+ Best College Halloween Costumes You Need To Copy

It's no secret that every Halloween we are all searching for the best costume - and usually trying to top what we did the year before. Halloween in college, to my surprise freshman year, is a whole different ball game. Not only do you need one amazing costume... but you may need two or three!

So, in college you'll want a cute costume each night you celebrate Halloween. Whether you looking for a customer that's easy to put together, a DIY, original, classic, or well thought out, I've gathered tons of ideas for you to pick from. These costumes are sure to be a 2020 hit! Here are 55+ college Halloween costumes you need to copy.

1. Tinker Bell

2. Cupid

3. Mermaid

4. Girl Scout

5. Cowgirl

6. Pirate

7. Barbie

8. Biker

9. Dora

10. Lifeguard


11. Cowboy Kendall

12. Alexander Hamilton

13. Crying Kim Kardashian

14. Harley Quinn

15. Billie Eilish

16. Cher from Clueless

17. Carol Baskin