Fashion Trends of Summer 2020

Who would have thought we’d be back on the tie-dye trend? 2020 summer fashion trends have consisted of everything from old fads to iconic new styles, and everything in between. 

Here are my favorite 2020 summer fashion trends and my favorite style inspiration from some influencers who I think are rocking the fashion game right now. Shop these summer styles and hop on these summer trends.


Gold details are timeless - and they have come back bigger and bolder. Coming from fads of dainty jewelry pieces, I am obsessed with the contrast of layered jewelry and chunky hoops - all fashion statements that have been seen everywhere this summer. Want to dress up a cozy crew neck? Add gold details. Polish off your statement outfit? Add gold details. The elegance of added jewelry blends with various styles and wardrobes pulling a look together beautifully. 

On The Next Topic by Raquel Alysia

Maci Mattingly

Lindsay Rain



The fad that never seems to fade! Tie-dye has been a style staple from the 70’s, to the 90’s, through to today. This trend has advanced, seen on anything from pajamas to dresses. Whether it’s a DIY project or an online steal, tie-dye has been by far the biggest trend of the summer, and possibly the year. The best part - you can make it your own by the many tie-dye techniques, so no piece is alike. Since this fad has taken over summer color, you can rock just about any clothing item. 

Sincerely Sara by Sara Goforth

Mahalia Myrel



I’ll admit - I have been holding onto my nude, white, and black tank tops in my closet for several seasons now, and I'm glad I did. Going back to basics has slowly gained back popularity and are seen with all fashion staples. It is nearly effortless to shoot for a cozy look or something a little more dressed up while staying on trend. A minimalist look that can be paired with anything from a classy blazer to cozy joggers. A closet must have!



This has to be one of my favorite summer looks purely because of the various ways silk scarves can be styled. Worn as a top, a belt, a hair accessory, just to name a few, women continually find unique and stunning ways to redefine a seemingly casual item. Not only have these been worn in a variety of ways, but silk scarves have a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. They have been seen in every color, design, and style, and I am loving the stylish summer patterns within this look.

Desireh Abbassi