IOS 14 - Everything You Need To Know

Apple released the IOS 14 update on June 22nd - and everyone is talking about it! With the new home screen customizations and other requested updates, I am just as excited as anyone. I have done a lot of research about the best ways to utilize the update, and I am here to share what I have learned with you!

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What You Need To Know

You do your own customizations! When I first saw pictures of the new update, I was almost hesitant because I had thought it would change the whole look of my phone. Know that when you update your phone, all of your apps stay as is unless you make the decision to make changes.

How to update: Settings → General → Software Update

What The Update Includes

Customizable Home Screen

  • This is what all of the hype is about! You are now able to change app icons, add widgets, and customize the look of your home screen.

App Library

  • If you scroll left on your iPhone to the last page of apps, there is now an App Library where your apps are categorized and easy to find using the search bar option.

Reply to a Specific Message

  • When texting in a group, you are now able to reply to a specific message by double tapping the message you want to respond to.

No Full Screen Calls

  • This is one of my favorite updates! When on FaceTime or a phone call, you now have the option to remain with video on while you use other applications on your phone, rather than being “paused.” The FaceTime call will sit in a corner of your screen while you scroll through Instagram, check an email, anything.

Translate App

  • The update automatically uploads a translation app onto your phone, making translating phrases more convenient with the click on a button.

New Memoji Options

  • Apple added more Memoji options including additional hairstyles, face coverings, headwear, and even more stickers for our use.

How To Customize Your Home Screen

Apps you need:

1. Shortcuts - This app is used to change the color and image of each app icon.

2. Widgetsmith - This app is used to create large icons and widgets.

How To Create Shortcuts

  1. Open the Shortcuts app and hit the plus sign to create a new shortcut.

  2. From there, add action → Search “Open App” → Choose the app you are creating the shortcut for (ex. Camera) → Name shortcut → Done

  3. After you have created the shortcut, hit the three dots in the upper left corner of the shortcut. Select the three dots once more to open Details

  4. Press “Add to Home Screen → press the icon with the blue border → Choose photo

  5. From there you can add a personalized icon or photo in place of the original app icon.


  • I've created tons of app icons for you to use! Subscribe to my blog and I will send them to you! Leave a comment or message if you'd like more colors or styles added.

  • Since you are creating a shortcut, the original app will still be located on your home screen. Hold down on the original app and press remove app. Then, select “Move to App Library.” This just takes the app off of your homepage so you can utilize the shortcut. , It does not take the app off of your phone!

How To Create Widgets

  1. Open the Widgetsmith app and customize a small, medium, or large widget for your homescreen.

  2. After you have created your widget, press down on an app to open the home screen editor. Hit the plus sign in the upper left corner.

  3. Search “Widgetsmith” in the search bar and select which size widget you would like to add (small, medium, or large).

  4. Once you’ve added your widget, hold down on it and select “Edit Widget”

  5. From there, select which widget you would like to add to your home screen!

What I Don't Love And How To Fix It

The downfall of creating shortcuts is that each time you go and open an app, you are briefly directed to the Shortcuts app first and then the app you are opening. Here are two ways to fix that!

Create a widget with your shortcuts in them