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Routine To Succeed

The start to a new semester is always exciting - and can be a little stressful! With new classes and a new need for organization and routine, this is the perfect time for you to get yourself into a routine to succeed. I have put together some tips that I use to stay productive and on top of my assignments. Here are a few ways to put a routine to succeed into your life!


Start your day in a place where you know you are set up to succeed. Whether it be a desk, kitchen table, or at a picnic table outside, find a comfortable place to work on your studies and where you can get the most out of your time. As tempting as it is to study cozied up in bed, find a place other than where you sleep to do your studying. Research as shown that studying in your bed can reduce focus and create a brain battle between sleep and studying! Cozy up your space and create a proper workspace for yourself to accomplish your tasks!


With each of your classes having completely different timelines, schedules, and assignment due dates, dedicate time to organize yourself to maximize your productivity and to never miss an assignment! Download or print your syllabus for easy access to your class’s schedule. Using Google Calendar works best for me personally, and it eases my stress levels to see when assignments are due for each class on one combined calendar. However, it might be easier for you to take time on a Sunday and plan one week at a time. Or even each morning! Find a system that works best for you and organize your assignments to stay on track.


Trust me, I understand as much as anyone how hard it may be to not check Instagram or respond to a text message every time a notification pops up. Set limits for yourself as to how often you are checking your phone during class time or when focusing on studying. Turn off your phone! Download an app that will prevent you for aimlessly scrolling for minutes, turned to hours. You would be surprised how productive your day will be when you set boundaries for yourself. The best part - you may end up with a few extra hours tacked onto your day to do just that! Set aside time for watching TV and social media, instead of in between what you are trying to accomplish.


This may sound obvious, but this is your reminder to really check your email. Professors may send a quick email about an updated assignment or a cancelled class, and typically email is the way you will find out. Aside from that, my university sends many informational emails about clubs to join, campus updates, and other useful information. Checking email daily is an easy way to stay up to date and keep yourself on top of things. I recommend making this a part of your daily morning routine when you log on to your computer each day.


The last thing you want to wake up to on a Friday is a ten page paper… due that day! Take small bits of time during the week to chip away at your long term assignments. Time will fly and due dates will come faster than you would think. Find a week or a day that you are not as busy and dedicate time to future assignments. I promise you, you will feel much more productive and accomplished when you are staying on top of your assignments rather than playing catch up. Although the extra time working may seem overwhelming in the moment, this is one way to keep your stress levels low.


You're working hard, take lots of breaks! Take a walk, spend some time on social media, or grab yourself a snack in between classes or even every 30 minutes. Give your brain the energy it needs to stay focused and productive for the rest of the day. Even if you are in a study grind, take care of yourself so you don’t run out of steam. Treat yourself, and take a break!

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