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Tips To Make The Most Of Virtual Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment at many universities is looking a little different this year, but I am proud to be part of such a strong group of panhellenic women striving to make the most out of recruitment - just virtually! Here are a few tips to make the most of virtual sorority recruitment.



When preparing for recruitment, find a space where you are the most comfortable and able to best present yourself. Just as you would during a lecture or in a Zoom meeting with your boss, find a quiet spot with few distractions. Take time to tidy up the area around and behind you, and set yourself up to best showcase your best self! Trust me - good lighting goes a long way.


The girls you will talk to throughout recruitment want to learn about you and are genuinely interested in getting to know you! This is your time to brag, and don’t worry - it’s actually what they want to hear. Sororities have these conversations in an effort to understand your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This is your time to show each chapter why you are so amazing. Talking about academic achievements, awards, recognition, extracurricular activities, hobbies, athletics, talents, are a perfect way for girls to get to know you.


When I was going through recruitment, I had no knowledge of the different chapters, their philanthropies, or values. Since I went through rush on a whim, I was grateful to realize how unbiased the process was for me. If you are in my same boat or want to learn about each house while in the recruitment process, go for it! Do not let any outside voices alter your opinion about a chapter. I promise you, your heart will lead you to your home!

That being said, if you want to learn more about each chapter before you meet girls in that sorority, do some research! Go through Instagram and learn about the different philanthropies, values, and sisterhood. Take some time to learn their values and what they deem important in a future member.


Each university chooses amazing Rho Gammas for this reason! Your Rho Gamma, or recruitment guide, is there to answer any and all of your questions during the recruitment process. No question should be left unanswered, as any uncertainty you have can add confusion. Ask questions, learn about each house, and that can help you make your final decision.



While each day of recruitment may call for a slightly different dress code, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. Select an outfit that reflects YOUR style. Wear a makeup look that makes YOU feel most confident. Balance this with a professional and appropriate look. Your personality is a reflection of your style, so show off what makes you, you.


A lot of the conversation will revolve around you, but be prepared to ask questions you have about each sorority! Questions related to the college experience and individual chapters will help you learn more about each house and even help you visualize yourself in that sorority.

  • What do you enjoy most about sisterhood?

  • What are some things you and other members enjoy doing together?

  • How is the sorority going to be different this year given the global pandemic?

  • What do you value in a member?

  • How do sisters balance their grades and sorority life?

  • Did you live in the sorority house? Please tell me about your experience.

  • Tell me about your philanthropy.

  • What kind of events do you hold each year?

These are just a few examples of questions you can ask to keep the conversation flowing and to learn about each chapter.


This tip is super important. I have to admit - going through recruitment can be draining, emotionally and physically. Having been through both sides, as a potential new member and as a recruiter, it can be difficult having conversation if both sides are not engaged. It can be easy to lose your train of thought or get distracted while on a video call - trust me, I’ve been there. Drink lots of water and grab a snack in between conversations to set yourself up for success! You never ever know where you will end up, or who you will become friends with later down the line.


Take lots of notes! After you finish a call, take notes to help you remember which house you were talking to and what you liked about that house. Write down things like the color shirt they were wearing, what you talked about or learned about their sorority, or even something specific about the girl you talked to! That way, when it comes time to make a decision you can remember exactly what you liked best about a house.


As cliche as it sounds, trust the process! You will end up in the sorority you were meant to call home and will find girls that will become your forever friends and future bridesmaids. It’s also important to be yourself! Your worth is not determined by which chapters bring you back. The more true to yourself you are, the easier it will be to find yourself in the right sorority.

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